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​​Below is a list of our faculty, and staff. To email them, just click on their name. 

Room numbers, please note:
M: Martin Building
B: Bache Building

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Click here for a floor map of the Bache, and Martin school buildings .


Mr. Mark D. Vitvitsky aka "Mr. V"

Director of Student Services
Ms. Janna McAdoo (Rm 25B/136M)

Ms. Sue Lickfield
Main Office

Telephone - (215) 684-5450

Lower School 
(Martin Building)

Ms. Jennifer Ganci  (Rm 114M) 
Ms. Emmaline (Emma) Imbriglia (Rm 112M)

1st Grade 
Ms. Spencer (SSA, Rm 110M/111M) 

2nd Grade  
Ms. Mary Brehouse  (Rm 115M) 

3rd Grade 
Ms. Vashti Mophi-West  (Rm 121M)
Ms. Sarah Lowry (Rm 103M)
Ms. Thomas (SSA, Rm 103M, 121M)

4th Grade 
Ms. Lisa Liu  (Rm 124M)

Middle School 
(Bache Building)

5th Grade
Ms. Jelena Markovic  (Rm 6B)
Ms. Rodrigues (1-1)

6th Grade 
Ms. Yvonne Drayton  (Rm 9B)

7 and 8th Grades
Ms. Trina Allen - Math (Rm 21B)
Ms. Ashley Weiner - Social Studies (Rm 24B)
Ms. Cue (1-1, Rm 24B)
Ms. Kristin Luebbert - English (Rm 20B)
Mr. Jeffrey Rupertus   - Science (Rm 23B)
​Ms. Greene (1-1, Rm 23B)

Specialty Teachers

Ms. Samantha Battle (Rm. 107A-M)

Physical Education
Ms. Julie Tice  (Rm 109M - Gym)
Ms. Janna McAdoo (Rm 109M - Gym)

Instrumental Band
Ms. Vanessa Taylor  (Rm 10B)

Instrument Strings

Mr. Aaron Hoke  (Rm 201M)

Ms. Dana Fiero (Rm 127M)

Ms. Rachel Gelb  (Rm 11B)

Reading Specialist
Ms. Erin Pierce  (Rm 138M)

Science (K-4)

Spanish (4-8)
Ms. Lianne Earley  (Rm 26 B)


Special Education

​​Special Education Liaison
Ms. Leigh McLinden (Rm 133M)

Autism Support, Grade K-2
Ms. Ginna D'Alba  -  (Rm 102M)
Ms. Henderson (Classroom Assistant)
Ms. Knights (1-1)

Autism Support, Grade 3-4
Ms. Melissa Aglidian  - (Rm 104M)
Ms. Asia Price (Classroom Assistant)

Autism Support, grades 3-5 
Ms. Linda Fitzpatrick  - (Rm 128M)
Ms. Minor (Classroom Assitant)

Life Skills Support, Grades K-2 
Ms. Kanika Williams  - (Rm 106M)
Ms. Priscilla Lockhart (Classroom Assistant)

Ms. E. Williams (1-1)

Life Skills Support, Grades 3-5 
Ms. Kinshasa Rodgers  - (Rm 130M)
Ms. Kimyatta Jackson (Classroom Assistant)
Ms. I. Jackson (1-1)

Upper Level Life Skills Support, Grades 6-8
Ms. Lisa Sanuck  -  (Rm 1B)
Ms. Boston (Classroom Assistant)
Ms. Graham (1-1)
Ms. Michelle Santiago (1-1)
​​Learning Support, grades K-2
Ms. Laverne Fletcher Mack  -  (Rm 129M)

Learning Support, Grades 3-5
Ms. Cara Donahue (Rm 119M)
Ms. Holliman (SSA)

Learning Support, Grades 6-8
Ms. Shakira Wimberly (27B)
Ms. Bryant (SSA)

Multiple Disabilities Support
Ms. Caitlin Sheehy (Rm 122M)
​Ms. Cindy Stone (Classroom Assistant)
​Ms. Geneva Irons (Classroom Assistant)
​Ms. Lydia McKnight (Classroom Assistant)

American Sign Language, Grades K-3
Ms. Papalia ( Rm 105M)
Ms. Shah (Classroom Assistant)
Ms. Eldridge (1-1)

American Sign Language, Grades 3-5
Ms. Garcia (Rm120M)
Ms. Faustino (Classroom Assistant)

American Sign Language, Grades 6-8
TBD (Rm 18B)

AUD/ORAL, Grades K-4

AUD/ORAL, Grades 5-8

Support Staff

Building Maintenance

Martin Building 
Ms. Najah Fuller (Engineer)  
Ms. Danielle Mears (Assistant)

Martin General Cleaners 
Ms. Sharon Butler  
Ms. Cynthia Smith

Bache Building 
Mr. Robert Morgan (Engineer)  

Bache General Cleaners
Jeanmarie McGee  
Debbie Gardner

Ms. Creshon Little , (Rm 123a,M)

School Counselor
Ms. Ashley Cocca (Rm 134M) 

School Psychologist 
Ms. Monica Marwah (Rm 14B)

Speech Language Pathologist

Ms. Jan Moss-Horwitz  (Rm 123b,M)

Occupational Therapist

Michele Ciofalo (Rm 108M)
​Ms. Braverman (Rm 108M)

Food Services - Martin Cafeteria

Ms. Cynthia Middleton (Pre-K)
Ms. Brenda Smith (K-8th)
​Ms. Helms

Noontime Aides
Ms.  Nastasi
Ms. Jackson
Ms. Hutcherson
Ms. Kantomanto
Ms. Y. Pierce

Pre-Kindergarten - Bright Futures
Ms. Lydia Merriweather (Rm 3B)
Ms. Denise Turner (Rm 3B)

Nakyria Bartholomew (Rm 5B)
Ms. Linda Smith (Rm 5B)

Children's Crisis Treatment Center (CCTC)
Room 13/14

Bache Team Leader - Johanna (Jody) Roane

Lead Clinician - Rachel Morrison

Clinicians - Sumita Sukla  and Olushola Olakanmbi

Care Coordinator (Alternate)
Shaquita Adams and Lisa Muthersbaugh

Administrative Assistant - Shira Powell

School Therapeutic Workers (STW) - Jafar Muhammed, Dorian West, Nisheia Andrews, and Caleb Jones

TSS - Kevin Brown and Ismael Bailey